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About Home School 

Homeschool started out in January 2011 as a series of art workshops for street children. Classes revolve around simple art themes. The idea is for the kids to find creative avenues for self-expression, productivity and self-realization. More than just teaching them a specific subject, Homeschool is about showing these kids that they are not invisible, that they are worth somebody’s time. It’s also about getting the parents and the community involved in a simple, easy activity with their kids. At the end of every class we serve a nutritious meal to the children and usually have enough left over to feed the adults as well. 


To date there have been 33 Homeschool classes taught in Manila, Dhaka, Colombo and Jaffna. These classes would not have been possible without the cooperation of the communities that allowed the classes to take place, the amazing volunteers that helped with each and every class, the donations that came from around the world and The Office of Culture and Design in Manila which threw their support behind the project from the beginning. 


To find out more about the project and each of the 33 classes please visit: